Three Sheets is a movie made by J Trainor and Kyle Trainor.

Three friends will form a band and hit the road tomorrow. But today is for a pub crawl with some friends, girls, and strangers
and for each guy to roll over what he wants and where he’s heading.

Shot in the summer of 2011 in Boston with more than a few talented friends.


Story by J Trainor and Kyle Trainor
Written and Directed by Kyle Trainor
Produced by J Trainor
Shot and Recorded by Ryan von Kunes Newton
  Zachary Citarella
  Jamie McCleary
Edited by Kyle Trainor
Color by Steven Yee
Sound Design by Zach Moller
Music by Kyle Trainor
Ray Ben Key
Eli Noah Dinerstein
Tom Kyle Trainor
Sherry Jenna Bertanza
Maura Amanda Goldfine
Maggie Alexandra Hancock
Jesse Mary Elaine Ramsey
The Girl Carina Stebbins
Wilkie Christopher Wilkie
Father Bob O'Shea
Bartender at Murphy's Law Amy Bordeau
Phil Phil Dumontet
Hotel Woman Leslie Nappi
Millz Christopher Miller
Bill Justin Rowinsky
Bartender at The Hong Kong Matt Carroll
Pat Paul Chiozzi
Sean Denny Conklin
Michael J Trainor
Ellen O'Brien and Robert Carney Sheppard Barnett
Al's Liquors Paul Dagnello
Murphy's Law John J. Michalczyk
The Hong Kong Ben Phelps
Maura Boyle Tim Trainor
Krista Dunn Maria Trainor
Kristofer Comeforo Tessa Trainor
Joel Shapiro Kate Cotter
  Meghan Cotter
  John Cotter